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An Abandoned Hosptial Somewhere in Niigata...

At the beginning of the COVID crisis in 2020, during a self imposed isolation after travelling from Japan to the UK, I took a trip to a local abandoned hospital that had been marked on After a run in with a local wild boar, and an ill timed Tsunami alarm test that sounded very like I'd triggered something by sneaking around the building, I came away with the following photos, and a truamatised wife.

Hospital corridor
The Iron Lung
Last stop
The Kitchen

A second visit later in the year, sans wife but with an equally idiotic westerner (me being the idiot, not my wife), We got deeper into the hospital, the offices of the management and a couple of interesting store rooms and medical departments.

Abandoned Wards
Waiting room
Storage pool
A Manager's Golfing Trophy
Patient's bath